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Name of Your Stores : ORIENTAL GROUP S.A.R.L AU
Main Products : Moroccan Argan oil, cosmetic argan oil
Category of Company : Health & Beauty
Contact Person : HICHAM
Accepted Currencies : usd
Accept Escrow Service : No
Office Size :
Year of Establishment : 2012
Language & Communication : english


At the Oriental Group, we work with major retailers in supplying them with some of the most sought-after natural oil products in the world. Our high standards combine with excellent customer service to ensure that you are fully stocked with the essential cosmetic and food items for your business. Who We Are At the Oriental Group, we offer cosmetic Argan oil and Argan food that can be purchased individually or in bulk orders. We also offer several other products which includes the following; - Black Soap and Natural Soap - Oriental Hammam and Care - Rasul, Kassa, and Glove - Macerated Oil, Vegetable Oil and Essential Oil - Perfumes, Essence, and Floral Waters (Jasmine, Lavender, & Rose) We supply major retailers around the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and more. Why Choose Our Services? The Oriental Group focuses on delivering Argan oil and our other products at the highest level of quality. We strive daily to ensure that what we provide to our retailers meets and exceeds international standards. Certified Organic: All our Argan Oil is certified organic to the highest CCPB and USDA standards. We only ship products that exceed international standards to ensure the best in quality for our customers. This means that our extra virgin Argan Oil is 100% organic product and highly sought after around the world. Environmentally Conscious: The raw materials that we use in our products are all environmentally friendly and will do no harm to our planet. This means that you can trust our products to be safe to use as indicated. We believe in protecting the environment and use proven methods to ensure that our products meet and exceed all environmental standards. All-in-One Service: Our skilled employees handle every detail when it comes to the stamping, printing, stitching, and packing process. This ensures maximum efficiency and the highest quality so that you only get the best products from our company. Overseeing the process is our quality control department that continually looks for ways to improve the quality of the items we deliver to you. The Oriental Group provides our retailers with high quality Argan Oil and many other products that are proven to be very popular with their customers. If you are looking to expand your line of cosmetic and food products, we are here to help you succeed. Let the Oriental Group be your supplier of the best in Argan Oil, essential oil, and the many products we provide.

Office Size :
Year Established : 2012
Total No. Employees :
Annual Revenue : below us$ 1 million
Main Clients :
Year of Registration : 2012
Major Product(s) you :
Main Products : Moroccan Argan oil
Main Products2 : cosmetic argan oil
Main Products3 : ,argan oil based products
Main Products4 : Cosmetics
Production Capacity :
Factory Location : 200 Lot al Massar, Route de Safi 40 100 Marrakesh - MOROCCO
Factory Size : 1,000
Average Lead Time :

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